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Volleyball In Puerto Rico...

Learn the ways of volleyball's jump serve...
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Secrets to a good Jump Serve...

Tip # 1 - Hit deep
"Hit deep rather into the net. It's better to hit it long and keep it in play."

Tip # 2 - Good toss
"You want to have a good toss pretty high. The higher the toss the longer you have to adjust to it. Be comfortable you don't want to throw it as high as you can."

Tip # 3 - When to contact the ball
"When you contact the ball, you want to do it at a pretty high contact point. Jump up to the ball, don't let it drop down. You need a high extension with your arm because you don't want to be hitting the ball down by your head."

Tip # 4 - How to contact the ball
"You need good hand contact. Hit it with your hand, not your wrist or elbow, which happens a lot. Get a good slap on the ball with good spin. When I start my serve, I put my middle finger on the needle, so I've already got a good spin on the toss."

Tip # 5 - Location
"A lot of the good players move it around a bit. But most hard servers, when they're hitting it really hard it all goes in the same spot. It's all in your body line. Serve it to the guy who is the weakest passer."

Tip # 6 - Finally
"A nice toss, a nice hit, just keep it in play. Have confidence in your team to do the rest of the work."